Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Little English Halo Blog @ Eurogamer

We’re now just two days away from Halo 4’s first public appearance in the UK. Halo 4 Development Director Frank O’Connor will be taking to the stage to perform a live demo from Halo 4’s campaign.

I will be on the floor taking photos, videos and asking the questions we’ve all been dying to hear the answers to (expect evasion and misdirection in response).  For live pictures, news and opinion follow me on Twitter @EnglishHaloBlog where I’ll be Tweeting throughout the event.

I’ll also be attending the Halo 4 Community Event on Wednesday night where I’ll be able to get hands on with Spartan Ops and War Games, obviously I’ll be posting my thoughts on the game as soon as I can.

Frank’s Eurogamer developer session will be live streamed on YouTube, check the Eurogamer.net homepage on Thursday morning for links.

IMPORTANT: A lot of places are reporting that Frankie's Eurogamer talk is being held at 12:00 GMT. This is NOT TRUE, the UK is still on BST, the talk is on at 12:00 BST, which is 11:00 GMT.

For the US that’s 07:00AM EST & 04:00AM PDT.

Little English Halo Blog will be the number one resource for Halo 4 news coming out of Eurogamer, accept no substitues.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. So is the Eurogamer site wrong too? its says its on at 12pm. seems weird to be on at 11 when they only start letting the general public in at that time. Are you sure this is correct?

    1. No, Eurogamer is correct. The session is at 12 BST, not GMT. Britain isn't on GMT at the moment.