Friday, 21 September 2012

Loads of New Campaign Images Released

There's a tidal wave of new Halo 4 info incoming. First up are these luscious campaign screenshots.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. what the hell? the player has a pulse grenade onboard foward unto dawn, which is the first mission.. i thought there was only prometheans 1/3 through the campaign.

    1. Maybe you return to FUD at some point? I doubt they'd be so canonically careless as to have Promethean weapons just lying around the ship before we've even landed on Requiem.

    2. Or maybe that isn't Forward Unto Dawn. We know we will be on Infinity at some point and they will betrying to repel boarders.

    3. Okay just watched the GT.TV show from last night and Frankie said in an interview that the E3 Reveal had some things out of order and that we will be encountering Prometheans 1 or 2 levels earlier, but that the way they are encountered would be very similar to how it was shown at E3. So maybe it is Forward Unto Dawn after all.

    4. maybe he picked it up from a dead elite that also picked ti up on requiem. the storm were there b4 MC arrived so maybe they already have promethean weapons.