Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Thursday War

If you were looking for something Halo related to get you ready to slip back into those Spartan boots on November 6th you could do a lot worse than digging in to some of the Halo expanded universe.

The Thursday War is the Karen Traviss' third foray into Halo fiction and is a direct sequel to last year's Halo: Glasslands, which detailed the events immediately after Halo 3 and Ghosts of Onyx. A long time has passed and a lot has happened while John was chilling out in the Forward Unto Dawn, so these two books are essential reading if you want to know what's going on when you jump in to Halo 4.

I'm wary of saying too much as some readers may not yet have read Glasslands, but it has three main story arcs which track the aftermath of the Human-Covenant war from the perspective of both the UNSC and the Elites.

You can order Halo: Glasslands from Amazon for £7.69 or $7.99 in the US.

On 2nd October The Thursday War will be releasing worldwide, this is a direct sequel to Glasslands and brings us right up to events immediately before Halo 4. It will explain why we're fighting the Covenant again as well as continuing the story arcs of the characters we meet in Glasslands.

"Halo: The Thursday War picks up immediately where Halo: Glasslands left off, with forces on Earth and among the Covenant threatening a peace that is precarious at best. With a splinter group among the Sangheili pushing for war, some human colonies rebel against Earth authority; and as ONI policy continues to shift with the volatile situation in space, the discovery of a trove of Forerunner technology on Onyx provokes leaders on Earth to seek uses for it in the conflict. For the fight is far from over..."
The Thursday War is available to pre-order now for release on 2nd October:

If you're in the UK Paperback is £9.10 while hardback is £15.68
If you're in the US Paperback is available for $10.87 while hardback is $16.60

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