Tuesday, 23 October 2012

13 Days - Are You Ready for Halo 4? The Strategy Guide

Part 1: The Game
Part 2: The Console
Part 3: The Soundtrack
Part 4: The Art Book
Part 5: The Controller
Part 6: The Thursday War
Part 7: The Map Pass
Part 8: The Headset

Part nine of our Halo 4 preparations takes a look at the Halo 4 Strategy Guide.

As with so much of the Halo launch merchandise the guide is available in standard and Limited Edition versions. Both versions include an extensive mulitplayer tips section written by MLG pro players Strongside, Elumnite, Flamesword and Naded, as well as an in depth campaign guide to give you the best chance of beating the game on Legendary. Spartan Ops guides will be delivered digitally each week, which is a neat way of offering guides to the unreleased content.

The Limited Edition guide has an extra 48-pages of behind the scenes content, concept art and interviews. It also includes 10 wipe-clean multiplayer maps so you can plan strategies and make notes. As with so many of the limited edition Halo 4 items it also comes with an Avatar shirt - what will you do with them all?

The 400 page Limited Edition guide is available to pre-order on Amazon UK now for £13.99 and Amazon US for $26.49

The regular guide is available from Amazon UK for £12.74 and Amazon US for $15.61.

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