Monday, 22 October 2012

14 Days - Are You Ready for Halo 4? The Headset

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Part 7: The Map Pass

Part 8 of our Halo 4 preparations takes a look at the Halo 4 Limited Edition Tritton Headsets.

There are two Limited Edition Halo 4 Gaming Headsets, both produced  for Microsoft by Tritton. The UNSC styled headset is the Trigger model while the Forerunner styled headset is the Warhead model.

Both headsets come with a code to download a Halo 4 Avatar shirt:

In case you're not familiar with the functionality of Tritton's different lines I'll give you a rundown here.

The UNSC Trigger model is a wired stereo headset with separate controls for voice and game audio. It is styled to match the Limited Edition UNSC controller. I have the trigger headset and it is pretty good, the game audio is decent quality and the voice is excellent. The cans have a good noise cancelling effect as does the microphone. I find they can get a bit hot with extended use which is my only main criticism.

The Forerunner Warhead model is a wireless headset with 7.1 surround sound, it comes with two rechargable batteries so if the one you're using runs out you can swap it for the fully charged one on the dock. It is styled to match the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console. It also has separate controls for voice and game audio as well as the option to toggle the ability to hear your own voice (this allows you to judge the volume of your voice compared to the game audio). I haven't used the Warhead, but I'm assured they offer superb audio quality and excellent surround sound.

The catch, as you might imagine, is the price. The Warhead model is exclusive to GAME in the UK and GameStop in the US, this means you're going to be paying the full RRP of £230/$300. You can pre-order at GAME or GameStop now.

The Trigger headset is available on Amazon UK for £37.99 or Amazon US for $49.99.

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