Sunday, 21 October 2012

15 Days - Are You Ready for Halo 4? The Map Pass

Part 1: The Game
Part 2: The Console
Part 3: The Soundtrack
Part 4: The Art Book
Part 5: The Controller
Part 6: The Thursday War
Part 8: The Headset

Part 7 of our Halo 4 preparations takes a look at the Halo 4 Map Pass.

The Halo 4 Map Pass gives you access to the three Halo 4 map packs each containing three maps for a 17% discount. You also get some exclusive DLC: the Strider Helmet, the Scanner Helmet and the Falcon Emblem:

It's important to note that this is not the same as the Map Pass you get in the Limited Edition of the game, if you buy the Limited Edition you get all nine maps, but you do not get the helmet and emblem DLC. Both Frankie and BS Angel have stated that they are exploring options to make all the DLC available to everyone at a later date. It's safe to assume they won't be made available for a substantial amount of time and they won't be free (though they could be tied to some sort of in-game or community achievement). 

We don't know a great deal about the maps themselves, but this concept art image was released along with the announcement of the Map Pass. 

The Map Pass is available from Amazon UK for £17.50, it's not on Amazon US, but should be available from your local games retailer for $25.

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