Saturday, 20 October 2012

16 Days - Are You Ready for Halo 4? The Thursday War

NOTE: This article contains NO spoilers about The Thursday War or any other Halo books.

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Part 6 of our Halo 4 preparations takes a look at Halo: The Thursday War.

In total there are eleven Halo novels, with more on the horizon. If you haven't read any of them then it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. Usually when asked to suggest a starting point I'd say Fall of Reach, it's Master Chief's origin story, explains a lot about the universe and why Spartan-IIs are so special. It's also a fantastic book in its own right.

However, if you asked me to recommend one book to read before you play Halo 4 it would absolutely be The Thursday War. This is Karen Traviss' second Halo book (not including a short story in Halo: Evolutions) and a direct sequel her 2011 book, Halo: Glasslands. The two books tell the story from the end of Halo 3 up until the start of Halo 4 (a lot has happened). With 343industries' commitment to making sure everything matters I'm sure the story of these books will have a massive impact on Halo 4.

In an ideal world you'd read Glasslands first as The Thursday War is a direct sequel, but you could also argue that if you're reading Glasslands you should read Ghosts of Onyx, and if you're reading that you should read First Strike and so on. You haven't got time for this! :)

If you think you can squeeze them in then go and get Glasslands and Thursday War and power through them before Halo 4, or if you're pressed for time then just get Thursday War, Glasslands isn't essential reading for now. I promise the ending to Thursday War will have you totally pumped for Halo 4 as well as answering a bunch of questions.

You can order TheThursday War from Amazon UK for £7.50 or Amazon US for $10.87. If you're in a hurry and have the equipment you can get the Kindle version from Amazon UK for £7.12 or Amazon US for $11.44

I really think that The Thursday War will increase your enjoyment of Halo 4 and if you act quick you have enough time to read it at a leisurely pace before you crack open Halo 4.

- Cowboy Out.