Tuesday, 16 October 2012

20 Days - Are You Ready For Halo 4? The Console

Part 1: The Game
Part 3: The Soundtrack
Part 4: The Art Book
Part 5: The Controller
Part 6: The Thursday War
Part 7: The Map Pass
Part 8: The Headset

Welcome to the second part of my countdown to the launch of Halo 4. Yesterday we talked about Halo 4 the game and everything you need to know about the different versions. Today we're discussing the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console.

The Halo 4 Limited Edition console is Forerunner styled with a grey transparent case and blue & white decals. It comes with two Forerunner styled controllers, a standard edition copy of Halo 4, a wired headset and a 320GB Hard Drive. The "ring of light" on the console and controller lights are blue to match the colour scheme of the console, the internal lights reflect around the console giving it a blue glow. It also has custom sound effects for power on, power off and opening the disc tray.

The console comes with the following exclusive downloadable content:

  • In-game FOTUS Spartan Armour
  • In-game "Imprint" weapon skin for Lightrifle
  • In-game Unicorn emblem
  • FOTUS armour Avatar costume
  • Promethean Crawler Avatar prop 

The console retails at £269 on Amazon UK and is currently available for $350 on Amazon US (a saving of $50 off the RRP). It's an expensive proposition if you already own an Xbox, and if you're reading this you probably do. I currently have the two previous Halo Xbox 360 consoles and it is really convenient being able to have a console at different TVs around the house, whether that added convenience (plus a bunch of cool DLC) is worth the asking price is up to you, but I like pretty things and I think this is a great package that should be a real consideration for any cash-rich Halo fans.

If it helps you make up your mind I have it on good authority that Microsoft are not releasing their new console in 2013.

Also these controllers look awesome! 


Something that might help you make up your mind is this:

The console DLC is currently selling for $163.50 on ebay! That's a pretty good deal when you consider the console is only $350 with Amazon.

- Cowboy Out.

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