Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Community Evolved: A Look at the Last Decade of Halo Fandom

The good folks over at ForwardUntoDawn have just announced their new project titled "Community Evolved: A Look at the Last Decade of Halo Fandom"
"Community Evolved is a book that will explore the past decade of Halo's fan community whilst interviewing respected members that have made significant contributions to it. We want to explore every aspect of the community from professional e-sports players and fan artists, to film makers, to talk show hosts and everything in between."
They're currently running a Kickstarter, which at the time of writing has already soared past it's $1100 target. This is a fantastic project, and one you should definitely get behind. A pledge of as little as $5 will get you a (digital) copy of the finished book, so you've really got no excuse.

Why are you still here? Go make a pledge!

- Cowboy Out

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