Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halo Takes over Liechtenstein for an Epic Halo Event

Last night Xbox UK organised an event in Liechtenstein for winners of their UNSC Enlist competition as well as selected press. In no uncertain terms the event looks incredible, take a look at these shots:

In a ground-breaking world first, Xbox 360 yesterday became the only brand to ever transform the Principality of Liechtenstein by taking over some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including a 13th century castle and a working mine, to create a real-life replica of the “Halo” universe within the heart of Europe to mark the launch of “Halo 4”.

For one day only, the mountainous landscapes of the normally tranquil Liechtenstein countryside became a stage for an epic sci-fi saga as Xbox 360 created a mysterious alternate universe inspired by the video game franchise which has sold a staggering 46 million copies worldwide since launch in 2001.

Super fans and worldwide media from 16 different countries were catapulted into this off-world environment to take part in a theatrical experience which saw them travel to a top secret location before being unexpectedly thrust into a war zone which recreated brutal battle grounds through pyrotechnic explosions, thunderous sound effects and cinematic set builds. 
Xbox 360 worked with the government-owned Liechtenstein Marketing, which promotes Liechtenstein as a tourism destination and a place to do business, to transform the country.  The unique makeover included: 
·         Reimagining a 13th Century Castle – standing on a 70-metre high spur of rock, Gutenberg Castle, one of the most important historical landmarks of Liechtenstein, took on a new guise as  a futuristic military fortification where guests become among the first to play “Halo 4”
·         Overtaking an entire quarry – a working mine became a jaw-dropping arena for sci-fi adventure, with an appearance from the hero of “Halo 4”, the Master Chief, amidst a series of pyrotechnic explosions
·         Creating a Military Camp in the countryside – a local farmer’s field become a post-apocalyptic battle ground
·         Finishing touches included the use of bespoke props, special effects and pyrotechnics
·         Immersive theatre –15 actors took guests on a two-hour adventure which involved decoding a series of cryptic clues to help save mankind from extinction by fighting off the threat of an attack 

Mother of God.. 

Original Article: Both @AceyBongos and @CowfishDreams have tweeted hinting that they are at a secret location.

AceyBongos emailed over this picture that he's also posted on Twitter:

YouTube Halo maestro NakedEli has released this video saying he's in Zurich:

Something is going on.

I'll keep you updated.

New tease pictures have been shared by Bonnie Ross and @CowfishDreams

- Cowboy Out.

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