Friday, 12 October 2012

Gameplay Video - Infinity Slayer on Ragnarok

ncsuDuncan has uploaded this video he took at NYCC, it's pretty decent quality gameplay on Ragnarok.


- Cowboy Out.


  1. I just realized something by watching this video, though I guess it's really pretty obvious. Since you can see the location of power weapons [in this case the Spartan Laser] as well as the location of your teammates, an observant player can most always know if the enemy team has any power weapons. Thus, early game vehicle users can more effectively prevent prevent an untimely death by either defending power weapons against adversaries or avoiding exposed parts of the map until the power weapon 'd be dropped again.
    Of course, the same logic applies to other Halo games, except for the fact that you don't need to have intimate knowledge of the map. I always forget about spawn times and locations, but pride myself on good situational awareness; I think I might become a far more effective pilot this way!

  2. Great footage! The DMR sounds like a thunderclap every time it fires, and the Binary rifle sounds terrifying! Come on November 6th, get here!