Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Halo 4 Remix Competition

Microsoft just announced a competition for any budding musicians out there.

Once registered you will have access to samples of the Halo 4 tracks Awakening, Revival and To Galaxy.

Entries will be judged by Neil Davidge and Sotaro Tajimi with the winner receiving:

·         Samsung Series 5 Laptop

·         Samsung 2.1 Wireless Audio Dock

·         “Halo 4” Limited Edition Xbox 360 320GB Console, which includes a Standard Edition copy of the game

·         “Halo 4” Trigger Stereo Headset

·         Complete Collection of Official “Halo” Soundtracks

I don't think I have the requisite skills to be in with a chance, but that's a cracking prize if you've got the skills. Head on over to to register and get access to the music samples.

Unsurprisingly there hasn't been any remixes uploaded yet, but I'll feature any that are a bit special here.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Hey Cowboy,
    Just Thought I would let you know I'll be at the "EB Games Expo" here in Sydney Australia Tomorow (October 5th) where Halo 4 will be completely playable...
    As you are my favourite source for all things Halo I thought i would give you a heads up incase you maybe wanted me to send in any info/gameplay footage i can get? if so where would be the best place to send such videos/info?


    1. Sounds great! Could you drop me a mail to