Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Get Paid for Playing Halo 4!

Remember when you told your teacher that you didn't need to learn algebra because you were so good at Halo that people would pay you just for playing? Well it turns out you were right! Xbox Rewards have a promotion running for the rest of November which will reward players for clocking up Halo 4 play time. 

If you rack up 35 hours of Halo 4 Multiplayer they will pay you a whopping 100 Microsoft Points! 70 hours gets you 300 Points, while an epic 140 hours will net you 600 Microsoft Points. The promotion runs to the end of November, so it won't be easy to squeeze in 140 hours, but I'm sure some of you will give it your best shot. 

It's worth noting that the points do not accumulate, so playing for 140 hours only gets you 600 Points, you don't get 600 plus 300 and 100 for the other milestones you passed. Not really Halo related, but you can get points for spending certain amounts in the store too as detailed in the image above. 

- Cowboy Out. 

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