Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Halo 4 Rakes in over $220m in a Single Day

Last Tuesday Halo 4 pulled in a total of $220 million, beating the opening weekend revenues of both Harry Potter 8 ($158m) and The Avengers ($200m). Microsoft also confirmed that Halo 4 is on target to break $300m in its first week, which would put it around about on par with Halo 3. It's worth noting that Halo 3's revenue would have been bumped up by the sale of several hundred thousand $150 cat helmets.

Microsoft have yet to release sales numbers, but have said that over 4m players have taken Halo 4 online in the first 5 days, totalling 31.4m hours of playtime - a record for the franchise.

I imagine Microsoft will be very pleased with these figures, even if today's Call of Duty launch blows it out of the water.

- Cowboy Out.

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