Thursday, 15 November 2012

Halo Community Evolved - Last Chance to Back!

The Kickstarter for Halo: Community Evolved closes in a few hours, you only have until 6:17pm today to pledge your support if you want to get a copy.

Remember that the book will not be sold later, this is your only opportunity to get hold of a copy!

Community Evolved is a project by the guys over at Forward Unto Dawn, they are producing a book that will chronicle all the crazy characters in the Halo community. It's a fantastic undertaking and one that I'm sure you can all get behind.

$15 is enough to get you a black and white copy of the book, although as is the way with Kickstarter, there are loads of other payment options too.

Go! Go now! Pledge your support!

- Cowboy Out.

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