Monday, 19 November 2012

Another Waypoint Code Found - Free XP and Armour!

Hot on the heels of Saturday's Waypoint codes is this one, again uncovered by the good folks over in this thread on Waypoint.

For this to unlock you need to have completed 15 Spartan Ops missions, which is all three episodes so far. You can either enter the code on the Waypoint app, from the main menu press X for Classified and the X to bring up the Forerunner keyboard, or on the Waypoint webapp by clicking here. For your trouble you will unlock 2500XP, a Spartan Ops concept art gallery and the Raider DSTT Shoulder armour. Cool!

Full set of codes and unlocks after the jump.

This brings us up to a total of 7 codes! Which you can enter here.

1 - 500XP and SPEC/Raider Shoulder Armour                 [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 1]
2 - 500XP and Spec/Raider Torso Armour                       [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 2]
3 - 5000XP a Concept Art Gallery and ONI Emblem         [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 3]
4 - 2000XP a Concept Art Gallery and Wiseguy Emblem  [Prerequisite: Find the Seven campaign Terminals]
5 - 500 XP and SPEC/Raider Helmet                              [Prerequisite: Enlist in Infinity Multiplayer]
6 - 12116XP and the Recruit emblem
7 - 2500XP Concept art gallery and Raider Shoulder armour [Prerequisite: Complete 15 Spartan Ops Missions]                                                     


  1. Doesn't work.I think you have to complete them all on Legendary

  2. I have completed all 15 Spartan Ops Missions yet it says I have not met all the requirements? :S

  3. The code can't be entered until the 20th.

    1. Where did yiu get that from?

  4. I've entered the code and unlocked the content, so it does work. Maybe you do need to complete them on Legendary?

  5. I have completed all missions as well (not on legendary) and it doesn't work. :O

  6. All the codes so far had worked for me (One, did not because of Prerequisites) but they are not exactly secure. I had to exit waypoint via guide button and directly to Halo 4. It just freezes for whatever reason.

  7. I'm pretty sure you do need to have done all 15 chapters on Legendary, because the code would not work for me when I had completed them all on Heroic (but not all on Legendary), so I finished doing them all on Legendary and the code just worked now :)