Friday, 9 November 2012

More Waypoint Unlock Codes Found - Free XP and Armour!

On Wednesday I brought you news that codes had been uncovered that gave access to secret content via Halo Waypoint. Well those intrepid problem solvers over on the Waypoint Forums have gone a step further and found two more codes.

The first three I posted on Wednesday, but I'll add them here too for clarity.

You can enter these on the Waypoint App on 360 by pressing X to go to the Classified section and X again to open the Forerunner keyboard, or you can do it online here:

1 - 500XP and SPEC/Raider Shoulder Armour                 [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 1]
2 - 500XP and Spec/Raider Torso Armour                       [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 2]
3 - 5000XP a Concept Art Gallery and ONI Emblem         [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 3]
4 - 2000XP a Concept Art Gallery and Wiseguy Emblem  [Prerequisite: Find the Seven campaign Terminals]
5 - 500 XP and SPEC/Raider Helmet                              [Prerequisite: Enlist in Infinity Multiplayer]


- Cowboy Out.


  1. When I do codes 4 and 5 it says I have not met the requirements. can you help

  2. I believe you have to have completed Spartan Ops, Bob.

    Thanks very much for the codes. <3

  3. I've added the prerequisites, only the final one should pose any problems.

    NakedEli has done a guide for the Terminals if you're missing any: Here

  4. I appreciate this. This has been a big help.

  5. terminal 5 is required for code 4

    1. Looks like I may have had the requirements for 4 and 5 the wrong way round - sorry!

  6. Thanks, this saves a lot of time and frustration, much appreciated.

  7. Ahh, nice! Thanks alot.

  8. Flawless Cowboy, not sure if this is really all that important, but with the Raider Spec; Helmet, Shoulders and Torso you get the Raider Emblem as well.

    I'm not sure which one of those codes the Emblem came with, might have been after entering all 3 for the Raider Spec.


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