Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SPEC Armour Unlock Through Waypoint

Twitter user @Mulsivaas found this image on Waypoint. Putting the pieces together gave him this:

If you go to the Waypoint App on your 360 and press X to open the "Classified" section and X again to Enter Code you can put the above code in and unlock yourself some SPEC Shoulder Armour and 500XP for Halo 4 - Sweet!

UPDATE: That's not all folks! The collective efforts of dozens of people on the Waypoint forums have lead to the discovery of these two codes too:

The code on the left unlocks the SPEC torso armour and 500XP, the one on the right unlocks 5000XP and a concept art gallery viewable on the Waypoint App.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Is this different from the Raider armour? And do they have any other requirements?

    I'm sure you have to play Spartan ops for the Raider, as well as enter different codes.

  2. Every time I enter these it says I have not met the requirements? Anyone know what the requirements are?

  3. Ah, I'm not sure..

    I've completed the game on Legendary and found the Terminals - could be one of those things? Or As Anon says could require you to finish SpOps, sorry I can't be more helpful.

    1. Ok, I'll try all of these things. Thanks Mr Cowboy!

    2. there is a Spec helmet too. when are you posting the code for that

  4. Little English Halo Blog I need help it says there is a SPEC helmet too. When are you going to be posting the code for the helmet

  5. The full code for the Spec helmet hasn't been found yet. I don't think all the media has been released. There's a bulletin tonight though so check back after that! :D