Monday, 3 December 2012

Spartan Ops Episode 5 is Out Now!

Spartan Ops Episode 5 has just been released, here's an idea of what you can expect this week.

Mission 1 - Spartan Miller 

Infinity Science requests Spartan aid investigating anomalies in Requiem-wide portal system.

Mission 2 - Nothing Can Go Wrong

Infinity Science has begun to understand Requiem's portal system and request assistance in its testing.

Mission 3 - Everything Has Gone Wrong

The Refuge facility is the focus of heavy enemy activity. Additional UNSC forces are being deployed to the area.

Mission 4 - The Cauldron Base

Forward Base Magma has placed a distress call. Fireteam Crimson is responding.

Mission 5 - Spartan Thorne 

Spartan Gabriel Thorne has been transported to Requiem, without weapons or comms. His current status is unknown.

- Cowboy Out

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