Monday, 30 April 2012

Updated with Frankie Comments - Halo 4 Live Action Series to Launch This Autumn

Microsoft announced a Halo 4 live action series titled Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn today. 


In typical Frankie style he popped up on NeoGaf to answer some questions about Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

More Gorgeous Shots of the ThreeA Carter Statue

I brought news earlier in the week about the soon to be confirmed Carter statue from Honk Kong statue builder ThreeA. Today they revealed the statue at an event showcasing their upcoming lines.

Friday, 27 April 2012

GI - The Rise and Fall of Cortana

The next part of Game Informer's ongoing Halo 4 coverage just dropped with a five minute interview with Frankie about Cortana

Main points from the interview after the jump.

GameSpot Halo 4 Preview

GameSpot have published their thoughts on the Halo 4 preview they've been given and is available >here<.

A lot of the article is treading familiar ground so I'll just highlight the key points, you can jump over to GameSpot to read the full feature.

Gallery - Mega Bloks Series 4

I've wanted to do this piece for months, but for the life of me I couldn't get my hands on Cortana. I'd lost eBay auctions, bought dozens of packs without avail, but tonight, when strolling through Tesco I grabbed another couple and to my joy - and relief - I finally got hold of her. Here's a gallery of all the Series 4 minifigs. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

MLG's Killa_KC Posts His Thoughts on the Halo 4 Playtest

Over on the MLG forums Killa_KC has posted his in depth thoughts from the Halo 4 Community playtest. He goes into a lot of depth here so I'll copy the whole thing, you may want to pop on over to the MLG forums to thank KC personally.

Updated: People Playing Halo 4

[This article has had several updates over the last 24 hours or so, to read in chronological order you could start at the bottom and work up.]

Update 7: Another little update from Frankie, not worth it's own article so I'll add it here.

Update 6: More pics!!

Game Informer Post New Interview With Sotaro Tojima

Game Informer just posted a new interview with Sotaro Tojima, talking about the sound design and production in Halo 4. The video features footage of the audio team recording ballistics audio out in the desert as well as animal audio being recorded in Tasmania. Tojima says that 200GB of Halo 4 audio has been created so far (not that all of that will be in the game).

We also get a bonus Jen Taylor soundbyte of Cortana making a Mayday call, I wonder if there is any significance in that. It's May Day next week.. probably reading a little too much into that..

- Cowboy Out.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Grunt Rebellion

There's a right brouhaha stewing on the Waypoint forums (here & here) over the anatomy of the new Grunts. Several members are in a twist about the change from the traditional Arthropod Grunts to something more reptilian. Whilst the form-factor is similar, the Grunts in previous games had hard exoskeletons like crabs and spiders, now they appear to have leathery, scaly skin like a lizard.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Little English Halo Store

I started this blog it was because I didn't feel there was a site that quite met my needs as a Halo fan, I wanted a site that reported all the news from the Halo Universe without prejudice, bias or air of superiority. I'd like to think I've delivered on that.

The volume of traffic and new users I've been seeing lately has been exciting and at the same time reassuring that so many people share my love of Halo and appreciate the effort I put into the site. To everyone who's visited, left comments, shared links to the site or otherwise spread the word I'd like to say thank-you.

I made this blog, because it was something that I, as a Halo fan, wanted to use and the same can be said for the new section of the site: The Little English Halo Store.

I've wanted a store that specifically sold Halo merchandise for as long as I can remember, a one-stop shop that would allow me to browse through neatly organised Halo products. It's still very much a work-in-progress and a lot more content and flashy navigation will come in time, but it's up and running and ready for your perusal. There's currently two flavours one for UK and one for US, both of which are powered by Amazon and are governed by all the Amazon rules you'll be used to. Shipping is free in the UK and free when you spend over $25 in the US.

The store will be regularly updated with all new release Halo merchandise and I'd very much like for it to become your first port of call when looking for Halo products, in doing so you will be helping to keep this site up and running as well as getting yourself some sweet new Halo merch - everybody wins!

If you have any questions or problems then please drop a mail to:

- Cowboy Out.

ThreeA Tease New Line of Halo Figures

The deal was announced last year, but today we get the first glimpse of the new line of Halo statues from ThreeA.

Halo 4 Concept Art Gallery and Discussion

Game Informer posted a gallery of Halo 4 art last night, I thought I'd go one better and do a gallery of all the Halo 4 concept art released so far. I'll include some quotes from the GI article along with thoughts of my own.

This piece shows the loneliness of the Chief, dwarfed by the massive Forerunner stalactites. Imagery like this suggests we may have some more serene exploration sections in between combat. I think that will give the game a very different feel to certain other shooters and is a brave move by 343i. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Game Informer Release 18 Minute Halo 4 Discussion Video

Game Informer just dropped an 18 minute video discussion about their experiences with Halo 4 Multiplayer. No new footage or shots, most of the video recaps things we already knew from the Game Informer article, here's the stuff I've not seen mentioned or confirmed before:

Updated: Dutch Magazine Power Unlimited Has Some New Halo 4 Info

Halo Waypoint member DonVinzone has posted info from the latest issue of Dutch games mag Power Unlimited. He summarises the new info for us:

- Jackals are confirmed (no big suprise) and described as having a face that resembles "an evil crossbreed between a shark and an iguana"...expect loads of nasty teeth I guess?

Famitsu Releases Tons of New Halo 4 Shots

Japanese gaming bible Famitsu has just released a slew of new Halo 4 shots on it's Website. Some of which featuring genuinely new and unseen Halo 4 assets.

Click to enlarge

Thursday, 19 April 2012

UPDATED: New Halo 4 Weapon Revealed on the Cover of OXM

Boom! I can only assume this is the Assault Carbine we've heard mentioned a number of times by various 343i folks. Looks to be a mix of UNSC and Forerunner in aesthetics, with the stark angles of Forerunner architecture with the ridges and small detail seen in many UNSC weapons. Sweet!

David Ellis just posted this on NeoGaf:

Forerunner Pro-Pipe then? Niiiiice! 

Thanks to WJD on NeoGaf for posting the image, my copy hasn't arrived yet.

- Cowboy Out.

How the Halo Movie Died

A fascinating article just popped up on Wired detailing the rise and fall of the Halo movie. It's the most in depth version of the story I've seen and given the secrecy of the involved parties it's probably as in depth as we'll ever get.

I haven't quoted the whole article as it's quite long, but here's some choice excerpts:

We were literally setting out to be the richest, most lucrative rights deal in history in Hollywood,” says Shapiro. “You have to remember that no property, not even Harry Potter, was getting [what we were asking for].” Microsoft, a global software giant used to getting its own way, wasn’t about to kowtow to Hollywood. It knew Halo was the jewel of videogame movies, the one that could be a true blockbuster hit. According to Variety, Microsoft wanted $10 million against 15% of the box office gross, in addition to a $75 million “below-the-line” budget and fast-tracked production. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Interview

Just released on Game Informer is a new interview detailing Spartan Ops.

Quick Summary:

- Spartan Ops is the true innovation of Halo 4
- Highly story driven mini-campaigns
- Broken into weekly episodes, with each mission containing 5 missions
- Not confined to the UNSC Infinity, we'll explore new locations across the Galaxy
- Will be a full campaign in size
- Will feature characters that we'll get to know as it progresses
- As we know your character is persistent between both Multiplayer and Spartan Ops
- This will help bring people into Halo multiplayer that may otherwise have been intimidated by competitive online

We get another look at Multiplayer too!

Click to enlarge
Notice the radar icon to show the Ordnance drop we can see just above the AR.

The grenade icons have moved again, this time in the top right corner of the screen as opposed to the top left earlier in the Conan O'Brien video. We have something totally new in the top left! An Armour Ability presumably? but I could only speculate what that icon means.. looks a bit like a monitor? Could be a jetpack, maybe?

- Cowboy Out.

Frankie Clarifies Some of the Clarifications From the Clarification Podcast

As expected some of the clarifications from the 343industries Sparkast intended to clarify things from the Game Informer article needed further clarification. Frankie popped up on NeoGaf to offer some more tidbits.
Click to enlarge
This is FANTASTIC NEWS!! Really does allay so many of my fears about loadouts, I'd been really worried that there'd be a massive advantage to players who'd played more. Top job 343!

Halo 4 on Conan O'Brien

Halo 4 Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor and Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill appeared on the Conan O'Brien Show last night to promote Halo 4. With hilarious results.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New April Sparkast is Out - With Summary

The new 343industries Sparkast has been released and is available to download or listen >here< The main theme of the podcast is tackling the misconceptions and misinterpretations from the Game Informer and I think it does a pretty good job and has certainly allayed a many of my concerns.
Full summary after the jump.

CONFIRMED - Halo 4 Launces Tuesday 6th November

Announced over on Waypoint minutes ago, is the release date of Halo 4:
 Tuesday 6th November 2012

Mark your calendars, book the day off work, ship the kids off to their grandparents, put the dog in the kennels, pack the fridge with beer and get Dominos on speed dial, because Tuesday the 6th of November 2012 is YOUR day, and by you I of course mean Halo fans. You, me all of us who read this site. Tuesday 6th November marks the return of The Chief and is a day of celebration for us all.

Halo 4 to Launch on 6th November - CONFIRMED

Tech site The Verge are reporting that the release date for Halo 4 will be announced on the Conan O'Brien show tomorrow, with sources stating it will be November 6th.

"No other details are being offered, but we've heard from reliable sources close to Microsoft that the team may have finalized a release date for Master Chief's return:Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. We've also heard that it'll be announced before noon ET tomorrow. Though development cycles tend to fluctuate, locking down a pre-Black Friday release date this early gives Microsoft's marketing team ample time to plan for what we'd suspect will be one its biggest game launch this year. Will Conan and the gang be announcing the launch date? We'll know soon enough."

We know it will be releasing after the new Halo book, The Thursday War, which comes out on October 2nd, so a late October, early November release makes sense. Personally I had thought they'd go for November 7th, whilst it's not a Tuesday (the traditional day for new releases in the US), it would mean that it'd release on 11/7 or 117 (US date format). Marketing would love that kind of number play and it'd make for a really cool end to an advert:

Loads of super wicked gameplay awesomeness showing off Chief in his ass kicking glory, for the final frame zoom into the 117 on his suit and freeze. Have the background fade out just leaving the white 117, then fade in // and 2012 to make 11/7/2012.

That'd be so cool. :D

- Cowboy Out.

Monday, 16 April 2012

"The Voice of Halo" Jeff Steitzer Confirms He and Jen Taylor Are Returning in Halo 4

Jeff Steitzer - the Multiplayer Announcer Voice from all previous Halo games - has confirmed on Facebook that he will be returning to the role in Halo 4. As an added bonus he also confirmed that Jen Taylor will be returning as the voice of Cortana. This will ease the anxiety of some who had suggested that it wasn't Jen's voice in last year's E3 announce trailer.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Halo 4 Music Collection

I've collated all of Neil Davidge's Halo 4 music released so far, the only missing music is some segments of the "Composing Worlds" ViDoc which has yet to be released in non-talky format.


None of this material is leaked, so you can share to your heart's content. :)

- Cowboy Out.

Friday, 13 April 2012

"You Won't Be Fighting the Flood in Halo 4"

Posting on the official Halo Waypoint forums, franchise development director at 343 Industries Frank O'Connor confirms that The Flood will not be making an appearance in Halo 4.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Halo Timeline

Posted by Xbox World over on Facebook and viewable here in slick high-res imagery is an in depth timeline of Halo events.

This contains MASSIVE spoilers for the Halo books so if you've not read the books, most importantly the Forerunner books then you may want to give this a miss as there are major plotpoints detailed here.

 You've been warned, Spoilers after the jump.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Complete Neil Davidge Live Chat

New Halo Composer Neil Davidge conducted a live chat on facebook this evening and fielded questions from the Halo community. The full chat is can be found after the jump.

Two More Halo 4 ViDocs Land

Oh my 343, you are spoiling us today. Two more ViDocs have just landed on the GAme Informer YouTube channel:
Spot that AR!
This one is all about the inspirations of audio guru Sotaro Tojima.: - Cowboy Out.

New Halo 4 ViDoc - Composing Worlds

343 Industries have just released a new ViDoc and 3 minute sample of Halo 4 music.

Halo 4 Composers Announced!

The news broke over on Edge-Online that the composers for Halo 4 will be English duo Neil Davidge and Matt Dunkley whose credits include Inception, Dark Knight and Iron Man. Whilst I doubt many would have predicted these two, that CV is astounding. Well worth taking a look at both of their personal sites:

Genuinely impressive stuff. :D

The EDGE article is very good and well worth a read, I've quoted it after the jump or you can go and read it first hand at Edge-Online.

You can download the sample track >>HERE<< (Right click > Save link as)

Analysis of New in Game Halo 4 Screen

There's been a bit of chatter about this shot so I thought I'd give my two pence worth.

20 Stunning new Halo 4 Screenshots and Concept Images Surface

Breathtaking new Halo 4 screenshots and concept art have hit the web. Genuinely beautiful and an enormous improvement over Reach (which didn't look too shabby!).

Check them out:

Sunday, 8 April 2012

UPDATED: Frankie Sheds Some Light on the GI Article

Halo franchise development director, Frank O'Connor (Frankie) has been his usual self and is dropping snippets of info and quashing rumours over on NeoGaf.

This isn't the real Frank O'Connor

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Halo 4 GI Article Discussion

Well then, as we feast on the bounty of fresh and juicy Halo 4 info delivered to us via the leaked scans of this month's Game Informer, there are a number of key points that require further discussion.

Game Informer Full Halo 4 Article

Here we go! Everything you read earlier was true, but some of it was a little out of context.


First Game Informer Halo 4 Info Leaks (With Scans!)

Scans are now out of the multiplayer info from the new issue of Game Informer.

Click to enlarge

Friday, 6 April 2012

Microsoft Registers Several "Halo: Infinity" Webspaces

News surfaced earlier in the week that Microsoft had registered multiple Halo: Infinity URLs. There's a pretty big spread including:,,,,,,, and,,,,,,,,,, and

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Halo: The Fallen

Halo: The Fallen is a non-profit fan film project based around the Halo universe.

Take the jump for more.