Sunday, 13 January 2013

Check Out This Brutal Forge Parody ViDoc

Avid forgers Arbiter617, Oh Little Timmy, ace6623, HaloFollower and NostalgicMass20 have produced this parody ViDoc detailing their thoughts on Halo 4's Forge Mode. Be warned, they pull no punches.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Wow, halo 4's forge problems are THIS severe?! i did not know about Erosion's off limit water D:

    Still, i'd rather have halo 4's unique maps over reach's ONE bland looking forge map.

    also, who would ever make their game BAD on purpose? No-one.. i wonder what went wrong.

  2. Yes, the problems in Halo 4's Forge are that severe. I am grateful for the attempt at giving the player base different environments to forge in, but in return the spaces you can forge on are incredibly small and are very limited in the number of different ways you can forge on. The whole entire forge system just feels off. The ability to nudge items is removed, you can't zoom while moving objects at all thus requiring you to play with another person to make sure the you are lining up things correctly, and the magnets work against you have the time.

  3. i think reach's forge map was better than all these small maps

  4. I think it was strictly limitation's on what they could cram into Halo 4 TBH, They did the ABSOLUTE BEST with what they had in regard's to Campaign, Matchmaking, Spartan Ops, and Forge. However Forge was limited by what they wanted to achieve with both Campaign, Spartan Op's and Matchmaking. Whatever was left behind was the "Budget" ironically for Forge. Throw in all those factors and a tight deadline, on a soon to be out-dated console that showed of one hell of a potential still on an expiring console.

    Long story short I was honestly disappointed with Halo 4 Forge but with all that was given in Halo 4; Campaign, Spartan Op's, Matchmaking - They did an extraordinary job in one hell of a tight deadline, we just want more love to be given to the Sandbox side of customization.