Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fresh Details on the Community Forge Playlist

343industries Community Manager, BS Angel, just posted on the Waypoint Forums with the details of tomorrow's new Community Forge Playlist. The playlist will feature 6 new maps which are:

Map: Shutout

Description: Some believe this remote facility was once used to study the Flood. But few clues remain amidst the snow and ice.
Author: Big Papa SaLoT 


Description: A derelict facility...
Author: SecretShnitzel  


Description: Better play it straight.
Author: MythicFritz  


Description: As is, in-game.
Author: FyreWulff  


Description: A community made forge map by PA1NTS.
Author: PA1NTS  


Description: A community made, arena style map by Big Papa SaLoT.
Author: Big Papa SaLoT

BS Angel also posted the map & gametype combos we can expect to see in the hopper:
Garrotte - Infinity Slayer
Shutout - Infinity Slayer
Despair - Infinity Slayer
Scythe - Infinity Slayer
Simplex - Infinity Slayer
Relay - Infinity Slayer
Garrotte - CTF
Shutout - SWAT
Despair - KOTH
Scythe - SWAT
Simplex - CTF
The new playlist will go live tomorrow morning at around 11am (GMT), there will be threads added to Waypoint for you to give feedback and bug reports.

- Cowboy Out.

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