Thursday, 17 January 2013

Microsoft Commissions a Real Warthog

343industries have been showing off their newest toy after Microsoft commissioned them a real, working Warthog. Costing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" the Warthog was built on the chassis of a Hummer H1, it's 17 feet long and over 8 feet high, the wheels alone are over 4 feet high. Built by LA based Aria Group who also make custom vehicles for films as well as just promotional activity like this one. Check out these pictures courtesy of the LA Times.

They built it using the real in-game geometry for reference so it's a very accurate representation of what we're used to driving in game. Aria are in talks with Microsoft about licensing the design for commercial sale, how's that for a collector's item! 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Shut up and take my Money !!!!!

    would love for this to be commercial

  2. thanks amazing, if i win the lotto i am buying one of these, oh yea is the gun real or at least fire paintball pellets ?

  3. Yes please who do i make the cheque payable to

  4. I can haz WARTHOG? Gimme NOW!
    This would be amazing for paintball, or laser tag.