Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stephen Totilo Inadvertently Becomes the Target of Anti-Gun Movement

Kotaku editor, Stephen Totilo, has inadvertently become the target of ridicule from an anti-Republican (and gun) group on Facebook.

Some choice comments:

"Just compensating for a small penis." 
"That looks like a person that is not worried about anyone messing with his loved ones or property... thank god for the 2nd amendment..." 
"What the hell is he shooting down a dinosaur?" 
"I hate it when guys like this find their way out of the toilet bowl. If this is a GOP gun, you already know that this is a .22 caliber, semi-automatioc rifle used for creatively hunting squirrels and rabbits, and patrolling otherwise quiet neighborhoods. Lets try culture and intelligence instead of death and destruction. Leave your guns at home. Why pay the price the GOP would have you pay for this gun disaster. To quote the 60's adage,"MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" ! ! ! or "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Someone please take this gun from this guy and shoot him with it. Justice! ! AAHHHHH!!" 
and finally
"It's the Halo sniper rifle..."
- Cowboy Out.


  1. "Someone please take this gun away from this guy and shoot him with it."

    Good luck with that :3

  2. The stupidity of mankind continues to astound me.

    1. /\
      Gun laws won't stop potential mass murderers from being mass murderers, they will only stop the good people from protecting themselves from said mass murderers. Aaaand; people didn't realise what that was XD

  3. I'm getting one step closer to hating these gun control mental cases.

    1. It's really a shame the way people go off the deep end on both sides of the spectrum. They all become reactionary nimrods who pay no attention to the facts; i.e. that a VIDEO GAME WEBSITE EDITOR is holding A VIDEO GAME GUN. Nice catch, Flawless.

  4. It's a video game gun calm down. and with all the gun restrictions to me they should not restrict guns but restrict guns to people with that are mentally unstable.i rather give a gun a a homeless man than someone that was in a mental hospital for 10 years.