Friday, 11 January 2013

Video Review of the Mega Bloks Mantis

YouTuber RoboVaquero managed to get his hands on the Halo Mega Bloks Mantis ahead of its February release and put together this nice video review.

Looks really good! You can see it's a bit flimsy as he moves it around, but that's par for the course I suppose.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. i just don't get megabloks.. they're like legos except you can only make ONE thing out of the pieces you get. why not make high quality mantis's that look better? I'd much rather have that.

  2. I was really bummed when I heard Mega Bloks was going to be producing Halo. I understand that Legos has Star Wars, as well as numerous other trademarked franchises, and Mega Bloks needed a huge hit franchise, but Legos are much better quality. Granted Mega Bloks has stepped it up some IMO, but they still dont compare. The pieces feel kinda cheap, and dont have that "snug cuddly crisp fit feeling". I actually broke one of the wheel mount pieces in a new warthog set trying to put it into the tire because it simply wouldnt go (and before you say stupid kid forcing things, I am 23 and tried as carefully as I could lol) One big gripe I have is that they dont divide up the pieces into manageable bags along with the instructions like lego does. You can build a 1000 piece plus set quickly with legos since you only have to hunt through about an eighth of those pieces. As with mega bloks, thinking about my 5 plus hour build with the elephant, you spend more time looking for pieces than building, and you have to hope the pieces are even there! I have had 4 sets now that have had missing pieces, Ive never had that issue with lego. The instructions also pale in comparison. I have had numerous addendums and wrong instructions (pieces that were there but not suppose to be, pieces lining up in the wrong place, etc..). And the actual products themselves at times barely resemble the product. They have gotten better at this, but I remember when the first warthog came out. I thought, really? This has to be a joke, it barely looks like it. They have come a long way ill admit, but they are still far off from Lego. One thing I do like better I will say, well, for the most part, is the minifigures. They are more realistic than the lego counterparts (I looove my halo 4 master cheif). On the downside, they are a bit of a pain to make stand and fit into cockpits easily. Again, I know they are not lego, and I do have most of the halo sets, but I am a big lego collector as well, and it is no contest which is better in my opinion. These are just my opinions so dont get mad because we might disagree. Dont get me wrong, mega bloks halo do have alot of playability and I love them just because it is halo, but more often than not you will find me playing with my custom black ops lego gunship and my halo collection chillin on the shelf, with master chief eye balling my girlfriends lego "Friends" female minifigures and cortana shooting him a nasty look

    1. I hear you.

      The problem that Mega Bloks has (and any similar company) is that they're competing with Lego, and Lego has some of the best quality control of any product in any industry. The lengths Lego go to, to make sure every piece is of the highest quality is insane, and the only reason they can do that is because of the volume they sell their sets in.

      As you say, Mega Bloks have come along way, I remember the series 1 Warthog was a joke, it was such a precarious task getting it to stay together and you literally couldn't push it without pieces falling off. When you compare that to their more recent sets it is a huge improvement. I'm not sure Mega Bloks will ever have the resources to make a product as high quality and precise as Lego.

      That said, there is a precedent for a franchise to switch from Mega Bloks to Lego, if you go to Toys R Us now you'll see that there are Spider-Man Mega Bloks sets on the shelf next to Spider-Man Lego, so maybe we will one day see Halo Lego.

    2. You know, I have honestly never noticed that a franchise is shared between the two companies until I read this, and I am in Toys R Us a lot. Maybe there is hope after all. But for now I am just happy Halo is being produced in block form, period. And you are very true about how strict Lego is with quality control. They have a nice compound strategy going on. Sell great products with quality control and high quality pieces made of high quality plastic = higher sales. Higher sales = more money to find higher quality control, etc.. and it just repeats. If Mega Bloks would just try a little harder, they could very well go toe to toe with Lego sales. I would just be happy getting a Mega Bloks set, and not having to wonder if all of the pieces are in it.