Sunday, 3 February 2013

Halo Trilogy Coming to Steam?

UPDATE: Frank O'Connor just quashed these rumours in a post on NeoGAF:
"Steam thing is bunk as far as our stuff is concerned anyway."
Oh well.. I didn't want a PC version of Halo 3 anway.. *sob*


According to this post by Stumpokapow on NeoGAF, the original Halo Trilogy could be coming to Steam (along with a host of other titles). Valve keep a database for game content and games often appear on the database before they've been officially announced.

Here are the pages we're interested in:

I'm struggling to come up with an explanation for this, other than the the fact that they will soon be releasing on Steam. We know Microsoft are keen to have an annual Halo release and with nothing else on the horizon, this would make sense. 

It might also explain why they're pulling the plug on Halo 2 Vista if they'll be releasing an alternate version of Halo 2 later this year. But why not announce the end of Halo 2 Vista at the same time as announcing Halo 2 Steam, then no one would be upset.. 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. seems very weird to me, they also shut down halo 1 server lists although halo 1 still had a great population,im so frustrated because its the one game i always come back to. well this leaves many questions unanswered :/

  2. This is cool but I don't have the system to run 3. I ran 2 with a bit of lag, but unless there's LIVE achievements I will probably leave this for the PC gamers.

  3. I gotta admit I'm skeptical about this, especially with the Halo 2 Vista servers being shut down in February. If these titles were released to Steam, would they be campaign only, or would multiplayer be restricted to LAN? Also, who would be porting Halo 3? Would Forge or Theater be improved upon for the PC?

    It would be cool if these games came to Steam, but I'm skeptical until we hear something from Microsoft.

  4. cool
    loking forward to playing halo ce and halo 2 multiplayer again!!

  5. And wouldja lookit. The Spartan Ops leaderboards have been "finalized", and the player I openly fucking discredited is still up there. They haven't ousted even a single illegitimate player; haven't so much as contacted even a single player involved to obtain any information necessary to investigate the matter. They simply do not give a fuck. 343 and Virgin Gaming honor cheating in their own contest.

    And I come here and you're circulating a virus along with some likely bullshit information from the source, just after having congratulated the prime suspect whom has had absolutely fuck-all scrutiny as to his alleged status as individual.

    This is a horrible day.

    1. Yo, I scanned my system and had had a few other do the same (with different software). No issues. There's been about 15k people click those links from here and another 40k or so back on NeoGAF, they were also on the front page of Eurogamer, so probably had another 100k or so clicks there. You're the only person who's complained..

      I've deleted your other posts, as they were a bit mean and full of wrong.