Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ever Wanted to Own a Copy of Halo 2600?

Well today's your lucky day!

You're probably aware of Halo 2600, it was produced by Xbox legend Ed Fries and handed out at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Originally, 500 carts were produced  by the good folks at Atari Age. Getting hold of one of those original carts is no mean feat, and they fetch an absolute fortune on ebay – I know, I bought one.
The original Halo 2600 cart.
When you consider the hardware restrictions, it’s a remarkable accomplishment. It has it all: the music, the Master Chief, Elites, Grunts, shields, go faster boots, trees, some grey things, a key to collect! Everything you remember from Halo CE!

If you don’t feel like shelling out a small fortune on one of those original copies, then you're in luck! Atari Age has produced another run and is selling them for the bargain price of $50 (or $30 without a box). You can choose your region and refresh rate too (a luxury not available in the original run). UK shipping is $15.

The new reprint, complete with box. 
If I can figure out how to connect an Atari 2600 up to my capture box I’ll do a Twitch stream of a full playthrough sometime in the next few days.

This is a very limited run and they won't last long at all so get over to Atari Age and put your order in NOW!

-         -  Cowboy Out. 

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  1. Is this an actual "new" game? I'd love to run through a 8-bit Halo world. I have to buy this anyways. Even without a way to play it.