Tuesday, 19 March 2013

First Silentium Code Found - 20k XP and More

The first and easiest to find code from Silentium has been found. This one is just printed in the book, no detective work required. I expect there are more to come though.

Entering this code in to the Classified section on Waypoint grants you 20,000XP and unlocks the following video.

[Some folks can't view the embedded video below. If you follow the steps above you can watch it for yourself on Waypoint]

I've no idea what to make of this video, but I'm sure the Waypoint Detective Agency will be all over it within the next few days.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. "Waypoint Detective Agency" - We actually go by Section 3. Follow @ONISEC3 as we'll be releasing all official word there.

  2. I've given you a follow. I actually contributed a fair bit early on, but it got a bit time consuming for me to keep up.

  3. THE VIDEO IS BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome!! Thanks man, just based off of the speed at which he is reading and from what I know on my own pace of reading and how spaced out his chapters have been for; Cryptum and Primordium. I would say this is a decent sized AudioBook/Chapter of sorts about two chapters in length seeing as it's 40 mins long.

    Probably not a chapter contained within the book but maybe a prologue of the book detailing Riser's accounts.