Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mega Bloks Unveil Two New Halo Vehicles

Mega Bloks have sent out a promotional mail advertising two of their sets from their new range. The two vehicles, the Siege Bike and the Light Assault VTOL, are totally new to Halo canon. Have Mega Bloks been given free rein to get funky with the Halo Universe or are these a sneak peak of what we can expect to see in a future Halo game or maybe Spartan Ops Season 2?

The Siege Bike:


ONI’s solution to single-manned rapid assault vehicles like the Covenant Ghost or Brute Chopper is none other than the UNSC Siege Bike. Positioned on a heavy-grade, all-terrain single traction tread, the Siege Bike can easily traverse challenging environments, reaching speeds of over 145kph (90mph) while maintaining incredible control and field dexterity. The forward-facing armor plate protects the operator while displaying intel for tactical information, as well as firing system controls.

The Siege Bike’s armament is a side-mounted heavy machine gun (M268 HMG) with spectrum-enhanced visual tracking functionality, designed specifically to target well-fortified enemy strongholds and barricades. The goal of the UNSC Siege Bike is simple yet brutal: Through the deployment of multiple, heavily armed and swift Siege Bikes, offensive assaults can form an unstoppable wall of firepower, quickly tearing through enemy defenses.

The Light Assault VTOL:

In the vein of the Hornet and the Sparrowhawk, the UNSC Light Assault VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) craft is a heavily armed, full mobility combat flier designed to operate in confined environments, such as forests, cave interiors, or even a skyscraper-dense metropolis. Unlike the other UNSC VTOLs which often have limited push mobility due to their turbine placement, the Light Assault VTOL has three turbines, one of which is a rear-mounted thrust system that allows the vehicle to quickly and deftly navigate narrow spaces, as well as engage swift enemy fliers like the Covenant Banshee. Lightly armored and capable of carrying only a single pilot, the real benefit of this vehicle is its armament: Below its flanking turbines hang twin autocannons (GAU-10/A HAC) and a pair of rocket pods (M302 Class-1 GMLS), both of which are extremely competent arsenals when providing ground support or engaging in air-to-air combat.
Both vehicles actually look interesting and fun to drive, so hopefully there's a little more too this than just some of the Mega Bloks team getting creative. The flavour text that accompanies them certainly reads like the promo fluff we're used to seeing coming out of 343. Both sets are due out this autumn, perhaps alongside the second season of Spartan Ops?

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  1. On the two sets a ONI sign with reap x are on them? exparamental ONI tech? Or new halo veichel.......

    1. Yeah, you're spot on.

      "The Office of Naval Intelligence, commonly referred to as ONI, is the intelligence service branch of the UNSC. While ONI serves various functions and operates under a multitude of subdivisions, the existence of the Reverse Engineering and Prototyping–Xenotechnology department, acronym REAP-X, is unknown outside the ONI division. Working under the ONI umbrella, REAP-X develops concepts, technologies and applications that are often field tested by ONI via other military branch deployments.

      The REAP-X department evolved from smaller splinter groups created during the Human-Covenant War and helped funnel weapons and shield technology to human forces via Misriah and other firms as the war came to a close. Its big breakthrough however, was a Forerunner slipspace engine discovery that created the basis for the engineering concepts that helped complete the Infinity project. With unlimited resources, funding and attention from top brass the department houses many variants of never before seen military vehicles developed for special missions."

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    3. Thanks for the answers-she does play Halo and she's good at it…you are wise

  3. Those vehicles just look bad........ I mean it's not hard to work out that UNSC vehicle design has always been grounded in realistic modern technology (hence why we still have wheels and bullets and tank treads and rotors in Halo) so to see something like the Siege Bike is jarring to say the least.

    I'm interested to see if these designs are real 343i sanctioned works..... as that would only serve to confirm my suspicion; 343i has no clue what they are doing and don't actually understand simple Halo concepts.

    Awful design.

  4. VTOL= The Bat or Bat


    The Siege Bike= Groundhog