Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New 343industries Sparkast

The new 343industries Sparkast has just been released, you can listen to it on iTunes or here.

Sparkast features:

  • David Ellis
  • Chris Shlerf 
  • Greg Bear
  • Jeremy Patenaude

This episode is all about Silentium, which is out TODAY. It does feature spoilers for the first two Forerunner books, but I'm sure you've read them already.

Silentium out now and can be orderef for £8.99 in the UK and $14.97 in the US.

Key points:
  • Discussing the start point of Silentium, how the Halos are about to fire, how the Librarian is gathering species samples. 
  • The Judiciary are investigating a crime against the Mantle, which is one of the main themes of Silentium. 
  • We will see the turmoil that the Ur-Didact goes through which leads him to the state we see in Halo 4. 
  • We will learn about the "triangle" of the two Didacts and the Librarian. 
  • Talk about parallels between the Didact's story and the story of the Master Chief. 
  • As nasty an antagonist as the Didact seems in the game, that will all make sense when you read Silentium. 
  • The perspective we see of the Librarian has shifted massively in Silentium. From Diety-like to victim. 
  • SPOILERS: Chakas/343 will appear in Silentium. 
  • We will discover what the Domain really is, which adds another "turn of the screw" to the whole story. 
  • There are things in Silentium "which people will look at and smile". Sounds like references to Halo CE.

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