Monday, 25 March 2013

Second Halo 4 Soundtrack Album Incoming?

You may have noticed that there were quite a few pieces of music in Halo 4 which didn't appear on the soundtrack album. It was almost as if they were holding back a few tunes so they could sell them to us later..

US retailer The Omega Order have added a listing titled "Halo 4 - Original Soundtrack VOL 2", which pretty much confirms we'll be getting a second album. Included in the listing is the following track list:
01. Atonement - Kazuma Jinnouchi
02. Gravity - Kazuma Jinnouchi
03. Wreckage - Kazuma Jinnouchi
04. Aliens - Neil Davidge
05. Kantele Bow - Neil Davidge
06. Pylons - Neil Davidge
07. Escape - Neil Davidge
08. Swamp - Neil Davidge
09. Push Through - Neil Davidge
10. Convoy - Neil Davidge
11. To Galaxy (Extended) - Neil Davidge
12. Lasky's Theme - Kazuma Jinnouchi
13. Foreshadow - Neil Davidge
14. Cloud City - Neil Davidge
15. This Armour - Neil Davidge
16. Intruders - Kazuma Jinnouchi
17. Mantis - Kazuma Jinnouchi
18. Sacrifice - Kazuma Jinnouchi
19. Never Forget (Midnight Version) - Kazuma Jinnouchi
20. Majestic - Kazuma Jinnouchi

Oh my!

You may remember me waxing lyrical about how good "117" was on the original album. Well, "117" was the only track on that album composed by Kazuma Jinnouchi, so an album showcasing more of his work would be very welcome indeed.

The listing has a release date of April 9th - two weeks from now! That's the same week we get the Castle Map Pack, the new Title Update and Forge Island. Yikes!

I've reached out to Microsoft for official confirmation and it sounds as though we'll be getting an official announcement soonish.

- Cowboy Out.

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