Saturday, 23 March 2013

The PAX East Halo 4 Panel

Earlier this evening in Boston, 343i devs Kevin Franklin, Jess Shea and Bravo as well as Certain Affinity's Tom Potter took to the stage at PAX to disuss the future of Halo 4's multiplayer. There was no live stream, so while you wait for it to be uploaded I've collated all the relative information for your perusal.

11.6million people have taken part in Halo 4 War Games.
Halo 4 has seen 11.7billion kills and 388million headshots.
This was followed by a discussion on the new map pack, but you'll have seen that by now.
Confirmation that Multi-Team will return alongside the Castle Map Pack, 6 teams of 2 players.

Competitive Skill Ranking

You will be given  skill ranking of 1-50 in every playlist, even Grifball.
Your ranking will not be shown in game, viewable on the Waypoint on mobile and web.
Ranks may reset if left dormant too long to prevent account selling.

New Forge Space - Forge Island

A new Forge environment will release on April 11th - Forge Island.
Forge Island is actually three islands, each is a flat space for building on.
Visually, Forge Island is similar to Ravine  and Halo Reach's Forge World, but has a UNSC themed building pallete
The large island is big enough for a Hang 'em High or Blood Gulch remake.

Title Update

The Title update, detailed in this week's bulletin, is expected to release some time in the next two weeks.
A video was played showing the flexibility of the update, they discussed how they can now tweak individual stats (damage, rate of fire etc.) of each weapon on the fly without requiring a Title Update.
Tweaks to the DMR are being considered.
It is possible to adjust the stats of vehicles using this update too.
Legendary Slayer is a Throwdown & Infinity mix with competitive in mind, it’ll feature tweaked weapons and is launching in late Spring/early SummerWeapon descoping will not be happening

Pictures, videos and all that jazz will be up tomorrow as soon as it hits the net.

- Cowboy Out. 

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  1. I know this is a broken record topic, but these updates would benefit the inevitable Halo 2 anniversary edition...