Monday, 8 April 2013

Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Launches Today

The third and possibly final Halo 4 Map Pack launches today for 800 Microsoft Points or as part of the Season Pass featuring three Big Team, vehicle based maps.


Outcast is a large Big Team or Dominion map and features both a Wraith and a Mantis. Woe betide a team who allows their opponents to get both of them.


Perdition is an asymmetrical, Big Team map and features wide routes where the Ghosts and Warthogs will dominate. 


Naming a map after ITV's breakfast show is certainly a peculiar choice, fortunately this Daybreak looks to be sacks of fun and doesn't feature the gurning grin of Adrian Chiles. What's not to like? 

Daybreak is an almost-symmetrical Big Team map, it does have a Banshee, but the steep walls will make it difficult to really express dominance with it. 

As well as the three maps, the Castle Map Pack also includes 9 new achievements for 250 Gamerscore. 

Not a particularly inspiring list of achievements.. 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Do you have to pay for this shit?
    After 1 game these maps & war games in general loose replay-ability.

  2. Really? The Majestic pack seems pretty awesome to me. It's not exactly Lockout, but I think Skyline is a great map. Played the most intense game of SWAT I've ever played on there, just yesterday.

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