Monday, 8 April 2013

Surprise! It's Halo Week!

Microsoft have just announced that starting today, it's Halo Week! Who knew?

Halo Week is five days of sweet Halo goodness, beginning today with the launch of the Castle Map Pack. 

Day One - Monday 

Castle Map Pack launches! 

Day Two - Tuesday 

Halo 4 Soundtrack Volume 2 Releases!

Day Three - Wednesday 

"Extra XP" For one day we'll have 14 Daily and 6 Weekly challenges all with bonus XP. 

Day Four - Thursday 

Spartan Ops Day! Complete any five missions of Spartan Ops to unlock an Avatar shirt. 

Day Five - Friday 

Halo 4 DLC Sale - Get 25% off the Season Pass (1600 Microsoft Points) or 25% off the Crimson and Majestic Map Packs (600 MSP each). 

This does smell a little bit like the "14-Day Buy and Play" promotion.. like maybe they only decided it was Halo week last night. Nevertheless, it's still super cool to see the game getting all this support so long after launch. 

- Cowboy Out. 

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