Sunday, 7 July 2013

Introducing the Champions Bundle DLC

During the Halo panel at the Rooster Teeth Expo, 343industries announced the next wave of Halo 4 DLC. Launching on 20th August in a single bundle for 800 Microsoft Points, you will get:

Bullseye Pack:

Pitfall  - A remake of The Pit
Vertigo - A new map made by Certain Affinity
Ricochet - New gametype, like Grifball meets basketball meets Assault.
NFL styled Spartan Armour

Infinity Armour Pack:

Prefect - Foreunner styled Spartan Armour
Mark V Armour
ODST Armour

Steel Skin Pack:

Steel Skin Pack - Steampunk skins for all loadout weapons

800 points gets you all three packs, or you can buy them individually, 480 points for the Bullseye pack and 240 each for the Armour and Skin packs. If you pony up for the full pack you also get a bunch of extra armour skins, weapon skins and stances thrown in too.

343 have released this short trailer teasing some of the new features:

Aaaaand here's the promo shots:

- Cowboy Out.


  1. ODST, Mark V, and what appears to be the Pit remake....

    Oh and I'm gonna get creative with the mark V when it comes out...

    1. I'm too goddamn excited to make sense right now lol

  2. looks awesome, but halo 4 is way too repetetive for me to even consider buying it.

  3. Not to crazy about the steel weapon pack but I'll get all them for the extra weapon skins, armor skins, and stances. They final have a ODST armor set. I'm going to have so fun !

  4. Hay cowboy would you like to help my with making a Marcinama . I think I spelled that wrong ? If you have halo4 and if you do I'll tell you my gamer tag okay ?